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Novità d'albergo "Mar y Sol"  
“Toys for a smile” Campaign
The Spa & Sport Hotel Mar y Sol supports the “Toys for a smile” toy and gift collection campaign by the Arona Local Council Social Welfare Office.
The needy families receive gift vouchers. This allows the fathers and mothers to participate personally in the selection of the toys for their children. The sole aim of this project is to preserve the magic and excitement of Twelfth Night and to ensure that all the children receive their toys, lighting up Arona with smiles.
The Spa & Sport Hotel has helped the Three Kings gather gifts for the children most in need in Arona.
Happy Epiphany!
Saint Nick on a Trike
Saint Nicholas visited the Spa & Sport Hotel on 7th December 2017. For many years, he had chosen a dog-pulled sleigh for his travels, but this time he arrived with his helpers on shiny red trikes.
Saint Nicholas came without his stick, because all the guests had behaved themselves… and a raffle for a free trike ride was held among them.
7th International Mar y Sol Wheelchair Rugby Cup from 4th to 11th December 2017
The International Allstars win the exciting final
The members of the Allstars, from Swabia, Bavaria, Holland and La Palma, won all their games in the tournament and secured the victory in the final against the Heidelberg Lions by 19 to 17.
The Achimer Heroes rounded off the participating teams and had their first win ever in the return game against the Heidelberg Lions, despite ending up only third due to goal difference.

The 8th International Mar y Sol Wheelchair Rugby Cup is to be held again at the beginning of December next year.

Roosevelt Association Award for barrier-free tourism and inclusive leisure time facilities
In the photo, from left to right: Hans-Joachim Fischer with his secretary Amparo de los Reyes and Benjamín Prieto Valencia.
Hans-Joachim Fischer (founder and CEO of the Mar y Sol Hotel) received on 4th December 2017 the “Roosevelt Association Award for barrier-free tourism and inclusive leisure time facilities”. The award was presented to him by Benjamin Prieto Valencia (President of the provincial government of Cuenca).

Hans-Joachim Fischer received this distinction for his exemplary commitment to build the throughout accessible holiday resort Mar y Sol.

Awards designed to reward the best actions in innovation, culture and commitment regarding functional diversity.
The ceremony to present the 2nd Arona Accessibility Awards - AAA was held on 2nd December 2017 in Los Cristianos, on the eve of the World Day for Functional Diversity. The main individuals and organisations committed to this cause over the past year were present at this year’s AAA, and were recognised in ten different categories.
The Mar y Sol Hotel received the Accessible Canary Islands AAA for its commitment towards accessible tourism. This recognition, presented by David Miguel Pérez, the councillor for Tourism at Arona Council, was received by Hans-Joachim Fischer (founder and CEO of the Mar y Sol Hotel) together with his son, Thomas Fischer (deputy CEO).
IV Mahou - A PROVINCIA - La Opinión Awards for Gastronomy
The Mar y Sol Spa & Sport Hotel has been presented with the Mahou - LA PROVINCIA - La Opinión Award for Gastronomy and won in the category "hotel with entrepreneurial social responsibility".
Thomas Fischer, assistant manager of the hotel and son of the founder and owner of Mar y Sol, collected the prestigious award at the gala ceremony held on 29th June 2017 in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). The Mahou - LA PROVINCIA - La Opinión Award for Gastronomy was presented to him personally by the director of the daily newspaper La Opinión, Joaquín Catalán.

2017 European Wheelchair Basketball Championship
Who wants to come and cheer on the teams?

Photocredit: Uli Gasper
The 2017 European Wheelchair Basketball Championship is to take place in the south of Tenerife from 19th June to 1st July.
We offer the perfect and fully wheelchair accessible destination, for all wheelchair basketball fans wanting to join the celebrations, right in the area where the games will be played.
The pavilions chosen to host the games are only a short distance away and can be easily reached by taxi or hire car.
Book a room at the Mar y Sol for your visit to the European Championship:
to the schedule of games
"Hey, it’s great the number of things you can do!"
Accesible Beach
Two weeks of sporting activities at the Mar y Sol SPA & Sporthotel in Tenerife
Klaus D. Herzog, from the DRS Rollikids
I’ve been coming to Tenerife for New Year’s Eve for the past 6 years, but this time I’ve been able to spend the whole of February here: 2 weeks of sporting activities with the kids from the German Wheelchair Sports Federation (DRS) and friends from the Mar y Sol SPA & Sporthotel, and another 2 weeks on holiday, going on trips, discovering new places, reading and lazing around in the sun in the south of the island. All in all, my stay was fantastic, meeting a lot of memorable people and having a wonderful time. It’s a shame that Ute and Samira weren’t there this time. But let’s start at the beginning.
When I got off the plane in Tenerife, my wheelchair was at the door, I had all my luggage and the sun was shining - as it almost always is in the south of the island. I had arrived. I had arrived to another world to one of the islands of eternal springtime. The past year and my day-to-day routine were behind me. A friendly employee from “Sin barreras” accompanied me as a VIP and made sure I reached the airport exit safe and sound with my tons of luggage, where my transport to the hotel was waiting for me.
This time I was accompanied on the bus by another two tourists - one of whom was also in a wheelchair - who were going to another hotel. The question of where we were each staying soon arose, “ ... the Mar y Sol, oh yeah! That’s the hotel for the disabled, isn’t it?” So, it seems that the Mar y Sol is well known in the circles, although with fewer people who are actually familiar with it and able to rate it. A similar thing happened to Konrad and Maria, from the region of Franconia. They first stayed in Gran Canaria and then visited the Mar y Sol on a trip to Tenerife. After a brief period of familiarisation, they were over the moon with it. Konrad is responsible for the phrase “Hey, it’s great the number of things you can do in a wheelchair!”, once he had overcome the first lessons in balance and equilibrium and was able to focus on the many different possibilities of the wheelchair.
In terms of construction and facilities, the Mar y Sol is simply fantastic. Given that it is on a hillside, it doesn't seem as large as it actually is. Its architecture is open and elegant, with areas of great activity and others to which you can retire, although with the pool area in full view if that’s what you want.
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